Color Grading in Photoshop with a real time LUTs preview

Hey folks! LUTs are becoming a main stream. More and more software makers are adding support for LUTs in their software as they realise the benefits of using LUTs in the color grading process. While more and more programs offer support for 3D LUTs, and some even offer real time preview of LUTs, which is […]

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Behind the scenes of color grading A.I. Revolt

Maarten Slooves is a Dutch filmmaker whose recent A.I. Revolt passion project won first place in Dutch Drone Film Festival in the “Most Artistic” category. Maarten also won second prize in the Italy Peugeot Drone Film Festival and was a finalist in the Los Angeles Drone Film Festival. When Maarten approached us about writing a guest blog […]

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A few words on the RED Log3G10 and REDWideGamutRGB

Hey folks! We’ve had some questions from our clients asking about the new RED Log3G10 log curve and the REDWideGamutRGB. It seems there’s a bit of a confusion about the new log curve and the new color space from RED, so we thought it may be a good chance to explain things more clearly. REDWideGamutRGB REDWideGamutRGB is […]

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Using LUTs? Here is What You Need to Know

Color grading is an extremely important part of filmmaking and photography process. Smart color grade can make the difference between visually interesting shot and a dull one. It can help convey the story and set the atmosphere for the whole film. When properly done, color grade can take average footage or image and transform it into […]

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How to preview 3D LUTs to choose the best one

EDIT, NOVEMBER 2018: This method is now deprecated with the introduction of our LUTs Previewer. Our most important mission here at is that you get the perfect color grade. We realize however, that at times choosing the best 3D LUT as your starting point for the color grade can be a daunting task. […]

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