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Integrate with Premiere Pro DaVinci Resolve Photoshop Lightroom Capture One Final Cut ON1 Skylum Luminar After Effects LumaFusion Filmora ColorDirector Exposure Affinity Photo

Lutify.me scene-referred cinematic LUTs seamlessly integrate into your software. In colour managed and non-colour managed workflows.

Seamlessly integrate into your workflow in a large number of editing and colour grading applications.

Industry standard .cube files.

.cube LUTs are widely supported and are de-facto standard of the LUTs industry. Most software that support LUTs, support .cube format. From Premiere Pro and DaVinci Resolve to Adobe Photoshop, these are the LUTs for you.

Enhanced XMP profiles for Adobe Camera Raw.

All Lutify.me cinematic colour grading 3D LUTs are offered as enhanced XMP profiles for Adobe Camera Raw. Experience a true 3D color grading offering thousands of color transformations per LUT while leaving you a blank canvas for your additional edits. Additionally, export any grade that you create in the fylm.ai Lite app or convert existing LUTs as XMP enhanced profile.

Capture One styles.

All of our LUTs are offered as ICC profiles for Capture One as well, but that’s not all. Easily export any grade that you create in fylm.ai Lite as an ICC profile for Capture One. Additionally, you can convert any existing LUT into an ICC profile for Capture One using the fylm.ai Lite app which is bundled as a part of your lutify.me subscription.

Variety of formats and suitability for any workflow.

.aml, .vlt, .xmp, .cube, IPP2, any and all workflows are supported and you can export your looks from fylm.ai Lite in any format you require.

Just some of the compatible software

Whatever your need may be, fylm.ai Lite allows any look to be adapted to any workflow, camera or environment. Focus on creativity and let fylm.ai Lite do the math.

Need LUTs for monitoring? Export any one of the LUTs from your pack using fylm.ai Lite in the appropriate format.

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