Use 3D LUTs
in your workflow cinematic color grading LUTs seamlessly integrate into your workflow in a large number of editing and color grading applications. It doesn’t matter if you are a stills photographer or filmmaker, if you’re shooting Raw files or JPGs, our 3D LUTs will fit your workflow.

Compatible software

Below is a list of some of the most popular software compatible with our LUTs

Industry standard .cube LUTs

.cube LUTs are widely supported and are de-facto standard of the LUTs industry. Most software that support LUTs, support .cube format. From Premiere Pro and DaVinci Resolve to Adobe Photoshop, these are the LUTs for you.

Profiles for Lightroom cinematic color grading 3D LUTs offered as Lightroom profiles. A true 3D color grading LUTs offering thousands of color transformations per LUT while leaving you a blank canvas for your additional edits.

Capture One styles

A true 3D color grading LUTs offered as ICC profiles and packed as convenient Capture One styles. Finally a solution that leaves you a blank canvas for your additional creative edits.

IPP2 tailored LUTs for RED shooters

Take advantage of workflow designed from ground up for the HDR era with LUTs custom tailored for the new image processing pipeline. Available for post production and in-camera.

.aml, .vlt and .cube monitoring LUTs

We’ve got your monitoring game covered. Arri’s .aml, Panasonic’s .vlt and standard .cube monitoring LUTs for just about any situation.

One click install for ON1 Photo RAW

Our LUTs for ON1 Photo RAW are packed in convenient .ONPreset format for dead-simple installation. Not only is the installation extremely simple but you also get a real time thumbnails preview for all of your LUTs.

Tell us your preferred format, we'll have it converted for you

Can’t find the LUT format of your choice? We’ll have them converted for you so we fit your workflow and not the other way around.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Endless possibilities. Single click. Check out how easy it is to achieve the pro look using Take a shortcut. Elevate your brand.

* Lightroom and Capture One integrations are offered in the Professional package only.