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Web's most advanced LUT creator.

fylm.ai Lite is a state-of-the-art, AI assisted colour editor and LUT creator in the cloud offering the absolutely easiest way to establish a show look for colour managed workflows. Export your look as a LUT, XMP profile or Capture One style.

fylm.ai Lite democratises colour grading by packing tremendously powerful colour editor and LUT creator in one easy, colour-managed and fun-to-use product, bridging the gap between science and creativity.

All-in-one LUT creation hub.

fylm.ai allows easier and quicker colour grades by packing tremendous power in a colour-managed and simple-to-use package in your browser.

AI Auto Correct helps you work faster, smarter.

fylm.ai Lite features a smart AI Auto Correct which helps you balance your image with a single click allowing you to focus on the creative side of look creation.

AI Colour Extract helps you recreate any colour grade.

fylm.ai Lite features AI Colour Extract that harnesses the power of AI deep learning and neural networks to effortlessly extract a colour grade from any image.

AI Colour Match helps you match frames. Easily.

fylm.ai Lite features a smart automatic colour matching that understands the context of your image. 

Built from the ground up for colour managed workflows.

fylm.ai Lite is a colour managed application which uses ACEScct internally for all operations. All colour grading tools in fylm.ai Lite are tailored for the ACEScct colour science. DaVinci Wide Gamut is natively supported as well.

Adapt any LUT for any camera or workflow. Easily.

Being a colour managed application fylm.ai Lite allows any look to be adapted to any workflow, camera or environment. Focus on creativity and let fylm.ai Lite do the math.

Export your LUTs as XMP enhanced profiles for Adobe Camera Raw or Capture One Styles.

fylm.ai Lite brings the power of Hollywood colour grading to still photography. Export any LUT as an enhanced XMP profile for use in Adobe Camera Raw or ICC profile for use in Capture One. It doesn’t get any easier than this.

Magic Mode in fylm.ai Lite allows you to establish the show LUT by simply clicking the best option in a series of structured colour grading steps. It’s colour grading re-imagined.

fylm.ai Lite offers a subtractive colour model that emulates the colour processing of a real film emulsion. Unlike additive RGB colour model where saturation increases as the colour becomes brighter, in subtractive mode saturation increases as the colour becomes darker.

fylm.ai Lite allows you to export a LUT for any workflow, any use and any environment. From in-camera IPP2 LUTs to ACEScct or DaVinci Wide Gamut colour managed LUTs. Use the LUT in almost every video or photo editor.

Start with absolutely the best colour-managed LUTs and adapt them to your needs.

fylm.ai Lite and Lutify.me LUT packs are your go-to all-in-one solution for LUT creation and colour grading. Built from the ground up for colour managed workflows, these are the only LUTs you will ever need.

Work from anywhere. In your browser.

Accessible from anywhere

fylm.ai Lite lives in the browser making it easier to establish your show LUT wherever you are.

Always up-to-date

Everything is always up to date, there are no plugins required and there is nothing to install.

Fully cross-platform

fylm.ai Lite is fully cross-platform – Mac, Windows, Chrome or Linux.

"For fun I uploaded a 6K 116mb TIFF still image from an R3D file, which uploaded speedily and worked flawlessly in the system. Each of the tools was responsive and fluid, although I was working on my 2013 Mac Pro and a 32″ monitor."

Jonny Elwyn

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