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The idea of was conceived in 2015 by Goran Ljubuncic, a fashion and commercial photographer and director based in Tel Aviv, Israel. The aim was to build a premium stop for purchasing high quality, industry-standard 3D LUTs at affordable prices.

Having worked in the high-end fashion and commercial industry for almost 10 years, Goran realised there must be a better way for enthusiast as well as professional photographers and filmmakers to easily reproduce the highly polished commercial color grading looks.

Hence, the product was born. Industry-standard 3D LUTs only, trusted and used by professionals, backed by years of experience, for better, faster and easier color correction, color grading and creative photo looks. With Goran’s vast professional experience working in the high-end commercial and fashion industry, creating the right looks was a no brainer.

But we didn’t stop there. We wanted to make sure that stills photographers could unleash their images full potential and so we made sure all of our 3D LUTs would work equally well for stills.

This wasn’t an easy task. Creating LUTs that would suit both stills photographers and filmmakers meant we had to carefully tweak the color science behind each and every LUT. We gave special attention to pleasing skin tones under a wide range of different lighting conditions, natural and artificial, continues and strobe, camera sensors and lenses. In the end, we made it. 3D LUTs packages for stills photographers that are equally as good for filmmakers.

We publicly launched in 2016, but we soft launched in 2015 offering our LUTs to professional fellow photographers and filmmakers, colorists, post and production houses and video editors. We gathered invaluable feedback and soon enough our LUTs started making it into prime time. In less than two months time we’ve been featured in ads, commercials, campaigns, editorials and TV series.

We are proud to bring you the power of high-end commercial color grading at extremely affordable prices.

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