Product Update: Free 3D LUTs Package Log Support

Hey folks! Today we are releasing a major¬†update for the Free 3D LUTs Package (version 1.1). As you know, the free package offers 7 high quality 3D LUTs. Until now, these LUTs were offered only in Rec.709/sRGB versions. Today, we are adding support for Log materials. The free package now includes the same 7 high […]

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Product Update: Teal & Orange 3D LUTs

Hey folks! Today we are releasing a free update for all current customers of the following 3D LUTs packages – Basic 3D LUTs Package, Standard 3D LUTs Package and Professional 3D LUTs Package. This update (version 1.0.1) changes the following 3D LUTs: Basic 3D LUTs Package Teal & Orange Subcategory Lakelandite Lapis Lazuli Standard 3D […]

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How to preview 3D LUTs to choose the best one

EDIT, NOVEMBER 2018: This method is now deprecated with the introduction of our LUTs Previewer. Our most important mission here at is that you get the perfect color grade. We realize however, that at times choosing the best 3D LUT as your starting point for the color grade can be a daunting task. […]

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During the past few months we’ve been working very hard on our website. We were busy setting everything just right and now that we are finally publicly launching, it’s a good time to explain a bit more about our pricing model. We’ve opted for a one-time fee pricing model for our 3D LUTs packages and […]

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In this post I’d like to take some time to explain a little bit more about our different 3D LUTs packages, what they offer and how they differ. So bear with me on this one, because it will most likely help you decide choose the right package for you and your budget. When we first […]

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