Creating ‘The Underdog’ – First released RED Helium 8K footage

Earlier we reported that the first released footage of the new RED Helium sensor was graded with the help of our LUTs. In order to learn more about the workflow, what’s it like to work with 8K .r3d files and what did it take to make ‘The Underdog‘, we sat down (well virtually) for an interview […]

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First ever Red Weapon footage with Helium 8K S35 sensor is color graded by LUTs

Earlier this month RED announced a new line of sensors dubbed Helium. The first in line is an 8K Super 35 sensor, originally introduced in the custom-built camera for Michael Bay. Details about the sensor are still scarce but here’s what we know so far: Sensor size: 29.90mm x 15.77mm (Just about Super 35) Resolution: 8K (8192 […]

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Free white balance correction LUTs for everyone

Setting a correct white balance point for your footage is usually the very first step you should do on every shoot. Get your white balance correct and you’ll have a nicely color balanced image across the entire range making it easier and faster to color grade. Set it wrong and your image will suffer from […]

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Lightworks users we have got your back

Hey folks! Today we are releasing a minor update for all color grading LUTs packages. In some internal testings we discovered that some OpenColorIO based applications in general and Lightworks NLE in particular can have a hard time with DOMAIN_MIN and DOMAIN_MAX values embedded in the LUTs. To improve the compatibility we made some minor structural […]

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Product Update: Completely revamped LUTs color grading packages

Hey folks! Today we are releasing our biggest update up to date. It’s not just any update. It’s THE update that changes everything. What’s new? At the heart of this update is a major change we made to our LUTs color grading packages. We updated and merged the Color Film Stock package and the Vintage […]

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Product Update: 5 New Teal & Orange 3D LUTs

Hey folks! Today we are releasing an update for all 3D LUTs packages and introducing 5 new Teal & Orange 3D LUTs for the Professional Package. Focus of this update was updating and unifying all LUTs to a 33^3 cube size for better compatibility with different software packages, in particular Arri Color Tool and Adobe […]

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Using LUTs? Here is What You Need to Know

Color grading is an extremely important part of filmmaking and photography process. Smart color grade can make the difference between visually interesting shot and a dull one. It can help convey the story and set the atmosphere for the whole film. When properly done, color grade can take average footage or image and transform it into […]

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Product Update: Log Normalization LUTs

Hey folks! Today we are releasing a minor update for all 3D LUTs packages. Focus of this update was creating more pleasing skintones and even better response in highlights when using our Log normalization LUTs. New LUTs offer a better starting point for the color grade of skintones. This update includes the following changes: Sony Log […]

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Product Update: Free 3D LUTs Package Log Support

Hey folks! Today we are releasing a major update for the Free 3D LUTs Package (version 1.1). As you know, the free package offers 7 high quality 3D LUTs. Until now, these LUTs were offered only in Rec.709/sRGB versions. Today, we are adding support for Log materials. The free package now includes the same 7 high […]

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Product Update: Teal & Orange 3D LUTs

Hey folks! Today we are releasing a free update for all current customers of the following 3D LUTs packages – Basic 3D LUTs Package, Standard 3D LUTs Package and Professional 3D LUTs Package. This update (version 1.0.1) changes the following 3D LUTs: Basic 3D LUTs Package Teal & Orange Subcategory Lakelandite Lapis Lazuli Standard 3D […]

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