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Product Update: Log Normalization LUTs

Hey folks!

Today we are releasing a minor update for all 3D LUTs packages.

Focus of this update was creating more pleasing skintones and even better response in highlights when using our Log normalization LUTs. New LUTs offer a better starting point for the color grade of skintones.

This update includes the following changes:

  1. Sony Log conversion LUTs use now LC-709A as output gamma and Rec.709 as output gamut for better skintone response.
  2. Added specific support for DRAGONColor, DRAGONColor2, REDColor, REDColor2, REDColor3, REDColor4 instead of generic REDLogFilm.
  3. Updated BMD Film and BMD Film 4K Log normalization LUTs for better skintone response.
  4. Updated Panasonic V-Log normalization LUT for better skintone response.
  5. Updated Layer Comps files to reflect the new log normalization LUTs.

We have added 7 new log normalization LUTs:

  1. DJI D-Log (Replaces DJI Inspire LUT)
  2. REDLogFilm-DRAGONColor
  3. REDLogFilm-DRAGONColor2
  4. REDLogFilm-REDColor
  5. REDLogFilm-REDColor2
  6. REDLogFilm-REDColor3
  7. REDLogFilm-REDColor4

We deprecated 2 log normalization LUTs:

  1. DJI Inspire
  2. REDLogFilm

Color Film Stock and Vintage Film Stock 3D LUTs packages versions were bumped to 1.0.1.

Basic, Standard and Professional 3D LUTs packages versions were bumped to 1.0.2.

You can download the updated 3D LUTs packages from the My Account section of our website. Replaced and deprecated legacy 3D LUTs are available for download as well from the My Account section.

As always, should you have any questions please contact us.

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