⚑ fylm.ai Lite 2.0 is here! Capture One Style export, New Design and much more. Learn More.

fylm.ai 2.0 update – convert LUTs to ICC profiles for Capture One, new design and much more

Hey folks!

We have just released fylm.ai Lite 2.0 and it’s better than ever.

fylm.ai Lite 2.0 boasts a completely new design, improved Raw files handling and additional tools.

Above all, fylm.ai 2.0 Lite introduces a Capture One ICC profile export which allows you to export any fylm.ai color grade as an ICC profile for Capture One or convert any third party .cube LUT to an ICC profile.

Learn how you can convert any grade or LUT to ICC profile over at our fylm.ai blog.

Learn more about fylm.ai Lite 2.0 update at fylm.ai.

To get the new version, no action from you is required. Head over to fylm.ai Lite and you will be on the new version as soon as you reload the app.

To celebrate the occasion, we’re offering two discounts until the end of the month:

  1. fylm.ai Lite is discounted by 25% for the first year of the service. You save $21.
  2. fylm.ai Pro is discounted by 50% for the first year of the service. You save $90!

You will enjoy the discounted price automatically if you checkout before May 31st.

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