Introducing a whole new color grading experience

Hey everyone πŸ‘‹

We are extremely proud to announce a whole new experience featuring a completely revamped color grading offerings.

What did we offer until now?

Until now we offered two main products:

  • Professional 3D LUT package
  • LUTs Previewer

What are we offering as of today?

As of today, offers:

So what’s the difference?

We built completely new LUTs, stress-tested and built from scratch for scene-referred workflows which have become the norm and a requirement for most productions. If you are not familiar with the term scene-referred, it means that the LUTs have been built from the ground up to work with wide colour spaces and not be limited by the capabilities of the monitor or a narrower colour space. This means better colors, more possibilities and easier color grading experience, one that makes sure that your work will fit the HDR requirements of the modern productions.


The newly introduced LUT packs are:

In addition, we decided that our beloved LUTs Previewer should get an upgrade, and by upgrade we mean it should be a complete, colour-managed LUT builder in one easy and fun to use package. We’ve taken everything we learned from the way you folks use the LUTs Previewer and combined it with everything we learned from the way people use and combined it into a single product. Welcome Lite, web’s most advanced LUT creator. Lite allows you to:

  • Create your own scene-referred LUTs for ACES, DaVinci Wide Gamut or LogC4 workflows
  • Establish a show look with utmost ease and fun
  • Export your look in a variety of formats for any use or workflow
  • Adapt your existing LUTs for scene-referred workflows or for different cameras
  • Export your LUTs as enhanced XMP profiles for use in Adobe Lightroom

What happens to the professional package and LUTs Previewer?

They are here to stay and will be updated regularly. If you are happy with your professional package subscription, you will continue to enjoy it without interruptions. LUTs Previewer can be accessed and used as usual and we have just released an update for the professional package.

Can I upgrade my existing subscription to the new offering?

Unfortunately it’s not technically possible to upgrade your current subscription to the new offering. The technical difference between the old and new offerings is just too big. If you are interested in our newest LUT packs and Lite, you should place a new order. Check out your email for significant discounts we will be sending over the course of this month to our current subscribers.

Am I eligible for a discount if I’m existing subscriber?

Absolutely. Make sure to check out the significant offers and discounts we will be sending to our existing clients via email.

Why aren’t you offering this update for free to existing subscribers?

As much as we wanted to, it was not possible for us to offer this as a free update. Lite is a completely new product that we have been developing over the course of the past two years at great cost. Additionally, the new LUT packs are completely new and built from scratch using techniques at the forefront of colour science and over many tedious hours of creation and testing. However, there’s nothing we value more than our existing clients which is why we will be offering significant discounts for you.

Can I purchase the new LUT packs without a subscription?

Just as our previous offering, is a subscription service except that now you get a full-blown LUT creator with your subscription. Therefore, it’s not possible to purchase the LUT packs separately. Lite and the LUT packs are tied together. However, the payment for the LUT packs is a one-time purchase and not a recurring price. Also, the LUTs are yours to keep once purchased.

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