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First glance at ungraded footage from RED Helium 8K sensor

Few days ago we shared with you our interview with Jonny Mass from Abandon Visuals, the filmmaker behind ‘The Underdog‘, a short film, showcasing the new RED Helium 8K sensor.

Today, we would like to go one step ahead and share with you some before and after shots from the new RED Helium 8K sensor.

Just in case you need a reminder, here’s the short, in half its glory at 4k.

As we mentioned earlier, ‘The Underdog’ was color graded with the help of our LUTs from the Professional Package.


Here’s what Edward Khoma, who color graded the footage, had to say about the color grading process.

“Due to the short deadline of the release we didn’t have much time to play with creating LUTs ourselves.

We recently stumbled upon some amazing LUTs from lutify.me and decided to run through a few looks.

After importing the LUTs into Premiere Pro we started to cycle through the looks with the Lumetri Panel and found the exact looks that Jonny had envisioned.

For the exterior night scene we used Opal from the cine looks category of the Professional Package for that teal and orange contrast. For the flashback scenes we used Cassiterite from the contemporary color films category of the Professional Package for the more flat and warm look. In all of the main boxing scenes we used Hilutite for the blue, slightly higher contrast look.”



Without further adieu I present you some before and after shots from the new RED Helium 8K sensor.

red-helium-8k-before-after-footage-1 red-helium-8k-before-after-footage-2


red-helium-8k-before-after-footage-3 red-helium-8k-before-after-footage-4


red-helium-8k-before-after-footage-5 red-helium-8k-before-after-footage-6


red-helium-8k-before-after-footage-7 red-helium-8k-before-after-footage-8


red-helium-8k-before-after-footage-9 red-helium-8k-before-after-footage-10


red-helium-8k-before-after-footage-11 red-helium-8k-before-after-footage-12


Jonny was kind enough to share with us some 8K ungraded frames from his short. Download them here. Edit: Download no longer available.

What do you think of the image coming from the new RED Helium 8K sensor? I’d love to hear back from you in comments below.

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