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Beta testing guidelines


Bug reports are at the heart of every beta testing program. This document introduces the basic guidelines to proper bug reporting. Please take a moment to read these guidelines as they will help you become a better beta tester and help us release a better product.

Pre-flight checklist

  • Be precise
  • Be clear: explain how to reproduce the problem, step by step, so others can reproduce the bug, or understand the request.
  • Include only one problem per email
  • Make sure you include only relevant information

Bug reporting

  • Before you report a bug, please check if you can reproduce the issue. Try to reproduce the bug and make sure you trace your steps.
  • Make sure bug is not related to possible connectivity issues you may be experiencing with your internet connection
  • If you see any sort of error message displayed, make sure you include the error message in your bug report.
  • When reporting a bug, make sure you check the Console of your browser and include any errors that may appear there.

Show, don’t tell

  • It is of extreme importance for us to make sure our application is as useful as it can be. To make sure we are on the right track, we would like to kindly ask you to record your first application session and share it with us.
  • To record sessions, we recommend a free service called Loom which runs as an extension in your Google Chrome browser and allows you to record your screen. As soon as you are finished recording your session, the video will be ready for sharing and you can quickly share the url to the recording with us.
  • Please see this guide to learn how to start a recording using Loom.
  • While Loom is only available as extension for the Google Chrome browser, you can still use Loom to record your session in other browsers. To do so, you would need to start a recording in Google Chrome, use the ‘Full Desktop’ recording option, and than switch to the browser of your choice.

When recording your session, please make sure you are not loading any private or otherwise confidential images.

Contacting us

Once you have gathered the required information, please contact us. Make sure you report one bug per email.

Still need help?

Got any questions or need help with something? Feel free to write to us, our support team will be happy to assist you.

Our working times are from Monday – Friday, 09:00 – 19:00 GMT/UTC + 02:00.