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COVID-19 Response: We Want Your Story and Cutting Prices

Lutify.me community,

Our world is going through tough times. With COVID-19 impacting countries around the world perhaps the biggest fear we all deal with is uncertainty.

I hear many fellow filmmakers and photographers telling me they feel discouraged by the headlines dominating the media lately and by the recent production cancellations.

I held off on sending this email for some time, but after speaking with many fellow creatives and after receiving a similar email from the guys at filmsupply.com yesterday I feel encouraged and I believe there is a lot to be optimistic about the challenges ahead.

The market is shifting. People are consuming more media than ever and that is bound to grow. The need for digital content is very real.

I myself, just got a call from an advertising agency working with a big client asking me how we can produce digital content for them. The client is shifting a 100% of their resources to E-commerce and they need fresh new content.

I heard similar stories from other fellow creatives. So while the situation is definitely very serious and many productions are cancelling, there are some things to be optimistic about.

I wanted to take this opportunity to offer some ideas you can pitch to your clients because in the end, we all need to find a way to figure this out together.

Some ideas to begin with:

  • Ask your clients if they need new digital content. You could be their one-stop-shop from production to post-production. Be creative, there is a lot you can do just by yourself.
  • Your clients also may need Video Tutorials or How To’s.
  • Offer remote grading services for materials already shot with an emphasis on digital content intended for social media and E-commerce.
  • Don’t forget about retouching. Materials already shot need to be retouched and edited.
  • Think about live streaming. Events are cancelled but some content must go online. Can you get involved?
  • “Real people” and “authentic” advertising is on a rise. Now, more so than ever. There is probably a lot that can be done without full scale production.

You know your clients. These are difficult times for them and us but you also probably know how you can help them out. Get in touch and see if there is something you can do together, remotely. This is the time to win some valuable relationships.

During this period, we want to share positive stories. If you have a success story to share with us, please do. Just shoot us an email. We want to spread the word out. We want to celebrate optimism.

Because now, more than ever, the value of a one-man production grows, we want to make our products more accessible. That’s why, for the foreseeable future, we are offering all of our packages at 30% OFF. Just use coupon CREATIVESTOGETHER at checkout. Edit: coupon period has expired

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Goran Ljubuncic
CEO and Founder

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