x Grain, Teal and Orange LUT

Elevate your brand. Get more from your camera by utilising our custom created cinematic teal and orange color grading LUT, built exclusively for Grain.

Custom created LUT for the best filmmakers

Neutral contrast teal and orange LUT inspired by Fuji 3510 print film stock offering neutral skin tones, slightly colder shadows and a pleasing roll-off into highlights.

Use a software of your choice x Grain teal and orange LUT is offered in the industry-standard .cube format allowing you to use it in a wide range of supported software.

Fits your camera

We tailored the x Grain teal and orange LUT to fit your camera of choice. Whichever format you use, we have the appropriate LUT flavour for you. All you have to do is apply one LUT.

See list of supported camera formats out of the box.

Lightroom and Capture One integrations included x Grain teal and orange LUT is offered in Lightroom and Capture One versions for instantaneous preview and application. Benefit from the same color grade, no matter your workflow.

IPP2 support

RED’s IPP2 revolution is here and x Grain LUT supports it. Work directly with IPP2 footage in REDWideGamutRGB and take advantage of RED’s revolutionary color pipeline.

Created for filmmakers by filmmakers x Grain teal and orange LUT was specifically created to fit the needs of filmmakers without going over the top. This is the one LUT you will always want to use.

S-Log2 and S-Log3 EI adjustment variants included

Working with S-Log2 and S-Log3 footage can be tricky. Which is why we have included EI -1 and EI -2 variants to save you some valuable time and speed up your color grading process.

On-set monitoring

If your camera or monitor supports the use of LUTs, you can use the x Grain teal and orangeĀ  LUT regardless of your camera format. Show your clients the final product while on-set and save valuable time and effort.

Two flavours included x Grain teal and orange LUT is offered in two flavours – Classic and Green. Classic version offers more of a traditional teal and orange look while the Green version offers a green-ish tint in the shadows for more of a contemporary look. Both version are offered inside the pack.

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