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Supported browsers and platforms


Lutify.me LUTs Previewer is an app running in your browser. As such, there are some minimum requirements. This documents details these requirements as well as suggested best practices.

Best practices

  1. We recommend updating your browser regularly for best performance.
  2. As Lutify.me LUTs Previewer utilises your graphic cards, make sure you have the latest graphics drivers for your card installed.
  3. On MacOS it is important to keep your system up-to-date as graphics driver updates are released as a part of the operating system updates.

Browser requirements

  • Google Chrome 42+
  • Firefox 40+
  • Safari 10+

Graphics cards requirements

Lutify.me LUTs Previewer tries to use as few resources as possible for rendering in the application. Therefore graphics cards requirements should be pretty low. Cards from 2012 and later from Intel, Nvidia and AMD should work well.

Older cards may work, but you may have problems finding updated drivers for these cards if required. Here’s what we consider the minimum specifications for graphics cards:

  • Intel HD Graphics 4000 and above
  • Nvidia 330m and above
  • ATI Radeon HD 4850 and above

While Lutify.me LUTs Previewer doesn’t restrict graphics cards and will do its best to work with any card, some browsers blacklist certain graphics cards versions. Please see ‘Configuring your browser’ document for further information if Lutify.me LUTs Previewer doesn’t work in your browser.

Dual GPUs

Some newer laptops have both dedicated (Nvidia or AMD) and integrated (Intel) graphics cards. Enabling the dedicated graphics card will increase performance but will consume more battery energy.

If you would want to use the dedicated GPU on your laptop, here are some ways to do so:

  • MacOS – In Preferences, under Energy Saver, disable ‘Automatic graphics switching’. This will use the dedicated GPU. Alternatively you could use gfx.io to allow you to switch the graphics cards.
  • Windows – Nvidia control panel – set chrome.exe to use discrete graphics card
  • Windows – AMD control panel – set chrome.exe to use discrete graphics card

Still need help?

Got any questions or need help with something? Feel free to write to us, our support team will be happy to assist you.

Our working times are from Monday – Friday, 09:00 – 19:00 GMT/UTC + 02:00.