Using 3D LUTs for in-camera monitoring

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How do I load monitoring LUTs to my RED DSMC2 camera?

Introduction Copy the monitoring LUTs to your REDMAG. You have to place the LUTs into a folder named ‘luts‘ (without the single quotes) and place this folder into the top most directory on your REDMAG. The LUTs to be copied depend on your monitoring workflow. For users utilising the new IPP2 workfl...

How do I load 3D LUTs (Arri Look Files) for Monitoring with the Arri Alexa?

Introduction First consult your camera documentation in regards to support of loading Arri Look files. Not all cameras in the Arri range support live monitoring using LUTs, so make sure your camera does before trying the following procedure. We’ll demonstrate the procedure of loading monitoring LUT...
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