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We have released a minor 1.1.8 update for the free 3D LUTs package. The focus of update 1.1.8 was introducing monitoring LUTs tailored for the V-Gamut and V-Log in a Panasonic-specific .vlt format. Update 1.1.8 enables Panasonic users to monitor in-camera using our free LUTs.

These 17x17x17 creative monitoring LUTs are concatenated with the ‘Panasonic V-Gamut – Panasonic V-Log to Rec709’ log conversion LUT and as such require the use of Panasonic V-Gamut and Panasonic V-Log settings in camera.

New users who wish to to download the free LUTs should register for our newsletter, After confirming their registration, a download link will be emailed to them.

Current users of the free package will receive the new download links via email.

As always, should you have any questions please contact us.


Goran Ljubuncic is a leading fashion photographer, director of photography and a director based in Tel Aviv, Israel. He has years of experience shooting, directing, retouching and color grading campaigns and ads for clients such as Lacoste, Adidas, M.A.C, Lexus, Gillette, Bourjois, Pupa, Speedo, Fornarina, Nudie Jeans, Wrangler, Timberland, and Lee among many others. He is the founder and CEO of Lutify.me.

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